Forest City Schools Prepare for a Fluid School Year

  It is a situation no one really wants to believe will happen, but with increases again in cases of the coronavirus, the possibility exists. The students who went through the 2019-20 school year, especially the seniors that year will tell you, something is missing from their year. Now students attending school in 2020-21 may see the same thing happen again. Every district in the area has filed a Return to Learn education program which covers contingency education formats in the event that school needs to be done from home again.

  The Forest City Community School District Board of Education will review their plans at their meeting on Monday. According to Superintendent Darwin Lehmann, the district has three education platforms that will address required educational objectives.

There are some concerns regarding social distancing between students which the district has had to address. These concerns come from normal social distancing done daily in public. Lehmann and his administration are working on those plans as they continually remain fluid. One thing is for certain, parents and students will be continuously kept up to date on what the district intends to do.

The board will familiarize themselves with any changes that have to be made to the plan before it is implemented in the fall.



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