Hancock County Board to Approve Beer Licenses and Project Costs

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to approve a series of beer sales licenses for the Hancock County District Fair which begins July 28th. The licenses are for the Old Skating Rink, the race track, the show ring area, the tent south of the Ag Museum, and the Three Seasons Building. The licenses are for service in the facilities, outdoor service, and Sunday sales.

The board will then consider bids for a phone system to be installed in the courthouse. County employees have been asking for a new system and the supervisors approved a bid letting process to move the project forward.

Drainage matters will also be addressed. Three projects have been done and the board needs to hold completion hearings on each to make sure that the residents in each district are satisfied with the work. The board will start the hearings with the Drainage Districts 1 and 2 South Main project. Trees needed to be removed from the ditches and main that comprise the district. Landowners will address the board about any damages done to their land, then the board will make a final payment of  $45,355 to the contractors in a project whose total cost was $453,550.

Drainage District 169 will be addressed at 10:30 am. This project entailed a cleanout, repair to a lateral, and improvement to the drainage in the system. The board will hear from residents in the district and then make a final payment of $24,192.24. The entire project cost was $241,922.37.

Finally, at 10:50 am, the board will address the conclusion of the Drainage District 100 project. The repair and cleanout was also an improvement in drainage to the Main Tile. The final payment to the contractor will be $12,219. The total cost of the project turned out to be $122,190.92.

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