North Iowa Community Schools to Revise Return to Learn Planning

With the onset of recent local cases of COVID-19, the North Iowa Community School District is looking to make some revisions to it’s Return to Learn planning. The state is required that the district file a plan with the state Department of Education that outlines how the district plans to approach educating the students within the district in the upcoming school year. The district came up with contingency plans such as online learning, in-class instruction, and staggered class times. North Iowa Community Schools Superintendent Joe Erickson.

The district used an interesting approach to arriving at the original plan incorporating people from all around the district.

However, with recent events and an increase in pandemic cases there have been some changes according to Erickson.

The district put out a survey for parents and students that asked about the efficiency of education from the district during the pandemic. With the results in hand, the district met with a committee to discuss the findings. The discussion led to even more ideas on how to best present subject material in the upcoming school year which could include in classroom or online settings. Those ideas are going to be put into the new model for returning to learn.




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