Iowa National Guard Activates Unit of Waldorf Head Wrestling Coach

The Waldorf University wrestling program will be without head coach Ryan Dickinson for the next year. 

The University announced last week that Dickinson has been activated by the Iowa National Guard for a deployment to Africa until spring 2021. 

Chad Gassman, Waldorf Director of Athletics 

Dickinson just completed his first year as the Warriors head coach. 

“I knew it would happen eventually, I deferred a deployment during my college athletic career.” – Coach Dickinson

Dickinson deferred that deployment while wrestling at Northern State, a NCAA Division II two school in South Dakota. 

“With everything just getting started it’s hard to step away.” It’s never going to be easy but I’ve mentally prepared to step away and do my duty and protect my county” – Ryan Dickinson

Dickinson left June 18th to start training with his unit before they deploy. Waldorf didn’t have to look far for an interim. 

Chad Gassman, Waldorf Director of Athletics 

Maurie Tomke is a friend of Dickinson, and said when coach Dickinson told him he was going to be deployed, he asked Tomke how he could help out. 

Tomke will cut back his teaching load and the number of students he advises to help make time for his new duties. 

“ It’s always been a dream of mine (to be) a head coach. It’ll only be for a year and why not help out” – Maurie Tomke

Current and incoming wrestlers might have their reservations about the situation, but Gassman wants to assure them that the program will be in great hands for this year. 


Chad Gassman, Waldorf Director of Athletics 

“Having someone step in who i’ve known for the past decade will help a bunch, it alleviates some of the stress I have” – Ryan Dickinson 

The NAIA and NSAA haven’t given guidance on non-fall sports, so when Tomke and the Warriors will take the mat is unknown

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