YMCA Looking to Mobilize its STEM Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or STEM has become a program that many area students are getting involved in. The challenges that students face in those areas are ones they want to meet. Sometimes its in the way its presented, or its in the way students learn to apply those disciplines towards projects that make it successful. However, not everyone has the chance to participate.

The Forest City YMCA has been awarded a grant to promote STEM and they will be opening a lab at the YMCA specifically dedicated to that program. However, some students may not be able to physically come to the lab and participate. Tony Reynolds, Program Director with the Forest City YMCA has a plan.

The YMCA will have a lab at their facility that will be open to students who can get to it and work on STEM projects.

Reynolds is also looking to expand the program outside of just elementary and secondary school students.

Those interested in participating in the STEM Program or potentially wanting to have their students involved at their school can contact the Forest City YMCA for more information.

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