Winnebago Board Focuses on Drainage

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors reviewed several drainage matters on Tuesday. One of those was a public hearing on Drainage District 11. The main tile is being improved where upsizing of the tile is going from 1/8th inch coefficient to a full inch. The project requires the county to make both temporary and permanent purchases of land along the drainage system. Underground piping will be installed which the county must buy the land for while other areas will see improvements to tile walls. The purchases were necessary for construction and improvement purposes so that right of ways could be established. The board agreed to hold the hearing on August 11th at 9:30 am.

The board held a final public hearing on Drainage Districts 21 and 68-136. The project involved a cleanout of the ditches and Lateral 2 of Drainage District 68-136. No improvements were done on the project and those residents involved approved of the work done on the site.

Finally, the board looked at the work done on Drainage District 18. The reclassification project public hearing had to be continued until Tuesday because of a need for clarification on a lateral in the project. A resident pointed out that the levy on the lateral may be too high for the amount being drained. engineers recalculated the levy and that was approved by the board.



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