Winnebago Relay Getting Ready to Ride

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Winnebago County Relay for Life is thinking outside the box with the Ride to Relay event in Forest City. Winnebago County Relay for Life Chairperson Carolyn Sunde believes that Ride for Relay provides everyone in the community the ability to participate while safely social distancing in the their own vehicles.

Sunde says the event will be held Saturday evening in Forest City at 8 pm.

The parade route will be similar to the annual Puckerbrush celebration

Luminaries will be on display with the community.

KIOW Radio is a major participant in the Ride for Relay.

Tim Peterson from Pyro Pete’s Fireworks will provide the finale.

Sunde says that if you wish to contribute to the Winnebago County Relay for Life, there are a number of ways to do so.

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