Hancock County Sees Covid-19 Spike

Hancock Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Buffington

Over the past two weeks, Hancock County has seen a spike in Covid-19 cases, putting into perspective the harsh reality that this virus is still very much active, not only nationally, but also right here in rural Iowa. Hancock County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Buffington cautions everyone that Covid-19 is far from over.

According to the demographics, the 40 and under age group represents nearly 50 percent of the positive cases in Iowa but only 2 percent of the deaths. Those most susceptible to developing complications from Covid-19 are in the 61 plus age category. That group represents only 17 percent of the positive cases, but almost 90 percent of the deaths.

According to Buffington, the statistics show that most of the older population are following social distancing guidelines and extra sanitary measures, while the younger population is not adhering to those same protocols, traveling to social venues, then bringing the virus back into the county.

Buffington warns if we don’t get a handle on this quickly, we could face another shutdown.

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