June Crop Progress is Good

Thus far, the weather has been favorable for farmers during the 2020 planting and growing season. Randy Broesder is the General Manager of the Farmers Coop and gives a progress report on how the crops are fairing.

Broesder says emergence, weed control, and the side dressing of nitrogen is ongoing.

There was a ruling that came down last week regarding the weed killer Dicamba

There is a lot of old crop in the bins and Broesder reviewed the condition of the crop.

Broesder was asked if many farmers have sold any of the new 2020 crop ahead of the harvest.

Many farmers wait until July or August to sell their old crops and Broesder says that will be the case again this year.

He talked about the impact that COVID-19 has had with regard to the shutdown of livestock packing plants and how it has affected customers.

Broesder says the status of area ethanol plants is varied right now.

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