Winnebago Board to Canvass June 2nd Primary Election

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet today beginning at 9 am. Due to the COVID-19 Supervisors are advising the public to call in to the meeting with comments or questions or follow the meeting on You Tube Call-in number: 641-591-6903, participant code: 149935. The meeting can also be viewed by going to www.winnebagocountyiowa.gov/streaming/.

The board will begin with discussions on safety issues with the courthouse and addressing any needs regarding COVID-19. The Supervisors Room was used as an election site while other offices were open by appointment only. The board will review the coronavirus policies and possibly open the courthouse further to county residents.

The board will then perform one of its duties in the certification of the election results from the primary held on June 2nd. Winnebago County Election Commissioner Karla Weiss will present the results to the board for canvassing. Those results are then sent on to the Iowa Secretary of State Office in Des Moines.

Scott Meinders will address the board regarding any secondary road issues including projects, road repairs, grading, and re-rocking or resurfacing. The board may offer any new concerns for the engineer to review.

The Auditors Office will present any drainage concerns to the board for consideration. Currently there are very few concerns that need to be addressed, but that may change after weather concerns move across the area today and Wednesday.

The board will open the floor to comments from Winnebago County residents and employees in an Open Forum. Those who are listening by telephone can comment while those on video  cannot because the system does not support that. Issues raised may not be acted on because they may not be a part of the agenda, but they can be placed on future agendas if warranted.


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