Hancock County to Fix Courthouse Seepage

Most Hancock County Board of Supervisors meetings focus emphatically on drainage district ditch outlet repairs and improvements, but Monday the three Supervisors discussed drainage of another sort…that is drainage issues inside the courthouse. WHKS & Company’s Lou Wehrspann (were-spawn) explained the problem areas with seepage inside the courthouse.

Wehrspann (were-spawn) summarizes the strategy to fix the issues.

The projected cost of demolition, earth work, erosion control, storm sewer, and all the paving is estimated at just below $40,000.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors is also planning for additional work on the courthouse, which includes tuck pointing and constructing a vestibule on the east entrance of the courthouse. The amount for those renovations and addition is still unknown, but for now, Supervisor Gary Rayhons sums it up that the board has to start somewhere.

The Board will make a final determination of the projects after it receives an estimate for the tuck pointing and vestibule addition.

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