North Iowa Schools Begin the Preparation for Fall

The coronavirus took it’s toll on the Class of 2020 and on all of the undergraduates. Many missed out on possible treasured memories and opportunities usually afforded to those who have a full school year experience in the halls of a local school. Those experiences cannot be retrieved. There are also the one on one experiences with a teacher that were altered because of the switch to online learning.

Districts across the area gained a tremendous amount of information about who they were and what they were capable of in the short unplanned transition from classroom to online education. Now districts like North Iowa Community Schools are taking that data and applying it to what may yet happen again in the fall. North Iowa Community Schools Superintendent Joe Erickson explains that the district is hard at work formulating plans for the upcoming school year.

The district is going to take the what has been learned from the latter third of the school year and use it to the best of their ability.

Erickson credits local internet providers in their ability to generate excellent connectivity between the school district and the students. There were early concerns that the system might not work in all cases, but district personnel stepped up to insure access.

Like most anything during the pandemic, everything was fluid. That trend doesn’t stop even if the pandemic ends according to Erickson.






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