NAIA Announces “Return-to-Play” Schedule for Fall

Waldorf Warriors’ fans now know when they will be able to see their Warriors in action again. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has announced its return-to-play plans for the fall.

Friday, the NAIA announced that after talking with health professionals, trainers, coaches, and ADs they’re confident announcing that fall sports teams can start practice on August 15th and games can be played Saturday, September 5 for volleyball, cross country, golf, and soccer, while football can start on Saturday, September 12th.

“Beginning on August 15, student-athletes may practice consistent with any health and safety protocols your institution deems necessary. While practices can begin August 15, only individuals identified with your institution can participate in these practices. No scrimmages, exhibitions, or competitions of any kind that involve individuals not identified with your institution may take place prior to the competition start date.” – NAIA Memo to Schools 

According to the memo, the NAIA has received feedback from presidents, athletics directors, and commissioners expressing a want to reduce regular-season costs. With that in mind, the NAIA has announced a schedule reduction for the 2020 fall sports seasons. The football season will go from 11 to 9 games, volleyball will go from 28 to 22 games, and soccer will go from 18 to 14 games.

“The reductions are proportional to the shortened seasons and are consistent with recent feedback from presidents, athletics directors, and commissioners expressing a desire to reduce regular-season costs,” – NAIA Memo to Schools 

As of right now, the NAIA has no plan to change any postseason material but the memo mentioned that things could change in the next six months. They did, however, state they were, “optimistic”, that the championships will be hosted as planned.

Ready to celebrate a Waldorf football season? Not so fast, the NAIA also told members schools that 47 of the 95 NAIA schools that sponsor football will need to be cleared by state, local, and campus authorities in order for the football season to begin.

“The rationale for this decision is that a significant number of institutions need to participate to offer student-athletes a significant competitive and championship-caliber experience,” the statement read. “Additionally, the fewer the number of participating programs, the higher the likelihood for scheduling challenges leading to increased travel costs and missed class time.” – NAIA Memo to Schools 

The Waldorf football team has been using this time away from campus to better themselves through academics first, football second, and of course, safety.

Waldorf Football Coach – Will Finley

Finley says that when the books were closed, though, it was all about competition and bettering themselves as individuals.

Waldorf Football Coach – Will Finley 

The team will also start moving into more football-related content now that school has finished for the school year.

Waldorf Football Coach – Will Finley 

Waldorf was scheduled to start their football season on August 31st at Briar Cliff University. They were also scheduled for a game against Dordt College during the time the NAIA has restricted games from being played.






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