Forest City Blood Drive to Tackle Shortages

As summer begins and the need for blood rises, LifeServe  Blood Center is asking community members to book and appointment to give blood at the Forest City Community Blood Drive. Claire Deroin of the LifeServe Blood Center says the blood supply situation has reached a critical stage.

According to Deroin, blood supplies are down to nearly a one day level. There are a number of reasons for this low level.

There have also been a lot less blood drives because of the recent pandemic situation and people unwilling to either give blood or venture out of their homes. Now the stigma has shifted to locations where blood donation drives have traditionally taken place.

LifeServe is continuing to try and re-establish these donation sites and ramp up the donation cycle where more blood stocks can be raised. One such event is June 18th at the First Baptist Church in Forest City. The blood drive there will take place from 1:30 pm to 6 pm at 18508 Highway 9. Appointments are required in order to meet sanitation and distancing guidelines by calling (800) 287-4903.




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