Polling Locations Change in Winnebago County for the June 2nd Primary

In response to the pandemic and for the safety of poll workers and voters, there have been some changes in the number of polling locations in the June 2nd primary.

Persons who live in Center Township and City of Lake Mills, in the Eden, Logan, Norway Townships and City of Scarville, or who live in Mt. Valley Township except parts of Sections 30 & 31 in Winnebago County will vote in the polling location at the Lake Mills High School Gym 102 South 4th Ave East in Lake Mills for the June 2nd, 2020 Primary Election .

Persons who live in Forest City Ward 1, Forest City Ward 2, in Forest City Ward 4, along with persons who live in Newton and Rural Forest Townships, and Supervisor District 1, including parts of sections 30 & 31 of Mt Valley Township and the City of Leland in Winnebago County will vote at the Forest City Middle School Gym located at 216 West School St. in Forest City

Persons who live in Buffalo, Grant, Lincoln Townships and City of Buffalo Center and City of Rake, or those who live in Forest City Ward 3, rural Forest Township and Supervisor District 3, along who live in King, Linden Townships and City of Thompson in Winnebago County will vote at the Heritage Town Center located at 635 Hwy 9 East in Buffalo Center.

The reduction in polling places has a number of reasons attached to it according to Winnebago County Commissioner of Elections Karla Weiss.

Those that do opt to vote in the limited polling locations may have to wait so that poll workers can comply with CDC regulations.

Those who want to avoid any lines at the polling locations should contact Weiss for an absentee ballot before Friday at (641) 585-3412.



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