Hancock County Looks at New 911 Tower

Radio coverage is critical for emergency responders to communicate during times of crisis. Radio connectivity has been an ongoing issue in the central part of Hancock County, thus the Board of Supervisors is investigating the benefits and costs of installing a state-of-the-art 911 communication tower. Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells why a new tower, although costly, may be necessary.

The radio coverage along the edges of the county seem to be sufficient, as surrounding counties have installed state regulated towers, but Tlach says those towers don’t provide enough reach into the central parts of the county.

According to Tlach, many different entities from all over the state could benefit from a new tower.

Currently, there are no grants available from federal or state entities to help defer the costs of a new tower, so the Hancock County Board of Supervisors will continue to investigate whether or not the county should pursue the investment of a new communications tower.

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