Hancock County Health System Holding to Visitor Restrictions

The Hancock County Health System continues to lead in the fight against COVID-19. These include stringent visitor restrictions to prevent the spread into or outside the hospital Jen Weiland, Medical Surgery Inpatient Director at the facility.

Many may not understand the implications behind the restrictions. The rules are in place because of mandates and procedures which have to be followed according to Weiland.

The screening process is done at the door. It consists of questions about past history such as coming into contact with an individual who may have had COVID-19. Possible symptoms are discussed such as cough, fever, trouble breathing, and shortness of breath. Then a temperature is taken before entry is allowed. All entrants into the hospital or clinic must wear a mask. These include patients. If they do not have a mask, one is provided.

Those entering the hospital will be asked several questions including a designated visitor.

This will be the only visitor that the patient will be allowed to have throughout the stay at the hospital during the pandemic mandate is in place. Weiland recommends that this decision be made and agreed upon by the patient and their family or friends. This will also help conserve Personal Protective Equipment because it reduces the need for masks, gloves, and other items. It also helps in distancing the patients from potential infection.

The hospital and clinic will continue to maintain visitor restrictions for as long as the mandates are in place.





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