Hancock County Businesses Need to Respond to the IEDA Survey

The Iowa Economic Development Authority or IEDA took prompt action during the development of the pandemic and subsequent closure of many businesses to put out a business survey. The purpose to was understand the impacts that the pandemic was having on business owners, employees, and customers. This led to assistance in the development of public policy and other programs vital to the survival of some companies and small businesses.

Now the IEDA has sent out a second survey and participation is vital to state efforts to understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Iowa businesses and organizations. IEDA will use survey results to inform public policy on recovery and growth for Iowa, including potential resources for businesses. Hancock County Economic Development is noticing that a number of small businesses in the county are not responding back to the survey.  Jill Kramer is the Executive Director.

These rural businesses have  unique role in the overall economy of the county and the state. They generally have a specific clientele and have a different, but important impact on the economy.

The deadline to fill out the short survey is Friday, May 29th. The link is here.


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