A New Windmill is Coming to Clarion

Two years ago, the Heartland Museum Board of Directors discussed the possibility of having a windmill added to the property. Every farm had at least one. The American windmill was developed in 1854, and was used on farms to pump water from the ground up to where it could be used.  Some windmills dumped water directly into a holding tank or watering trough; but most came with a hand operated pump.  The farmer would pump the handle up and down several times until the water streamed out.  Later, with electricity, a pump could be installed and the water would come out by lifting the pump handle.

On May 20th, that discussion became a reality as the base, head, and fan were put in place west of the schoolhouse on the property. Maurice Riley of the Heartland Museum.

A grant from the Wright County Charitable Foundation made the vision of the windmill possible. The Heartland Museum matched the donation in order to erect it.

According to Riley, the windmill is functional.

Riley has been with the museum since its inception. He along with the other volunteers at the museum will gladly show everyone who attends the museum around and give you information about the historical site. Those interested in learning more can contact the Heartland Museum in Clarion at (515) 602-6000. The museum is located at 119 9th Street in Clarion.


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