Winnebago Board to Discuss Ordinances and Mental Health Group Rules

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9 am with a discussion on current policies on COVID-19. Currently the courthouse, with the limited exception of the Auditor’s Office, is closed. The Treasurers Office is seeing residents by appointment only while the Auditor’s Office is currently handling in person voting. The board will consider the possibility of re-opening the courthouse or delaying the opening another week.

At 9:30 am, the board will take up the second reading of two ordinances which have cleared public hearings and discussion. They are Ordinances 40 and 41 having to do with properties in the county and changing their classifications from Agriculture to Industrial zones. The board may wave the third required reading and adopt the two ordinances.

A public hearing is required on a FEMA Flood Plain Ordinance. The board will discuss whether or not to hold the meeting in June or ask for more information.

The board will also discuss the bylaws of the mental health region they will join at the end of the fiscal year in June. The board has voted to leave County Social Services which was a 22 county region, but now Worth and Winnebago have left to become a pat of the new region called Northwest Iowa Care Connections. The board must review the bylaws of the new mental health region and agree to the terms before joining the organization. County property tax dollars that were levied for the old region will now go to the new region which helps mental health patients get services and information to help with their cases.

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