Winnebago Industries Teams with STAR to Build Specialty Vehicles

COVID-19 has left many lessons and opportunities for us to learn from. Among those are how to reach those medically who may be hard to get to. Winnebago Industries has recently teamed up with STAR, a specialized marketing team that had Winnebago build a mobile kitchen/food truck called The Vikings Table. It is the first collaboration between the two groups which came at the request of the Minnesota Vikings in 2019. Winnebago constructed an RV that could serve food insecure children and their families during the summer months in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding communities. Inside the truck, children can have an indoor experience learning about nutrition, the Vikings, and other concepts through graphics and videos.

Ashis Bhattacharya, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Specialty Vehicles explains.

This partnership has and may again lead to mobile units that can serve the greater good. The possibilities could be not only with sports teams, but mobile medical units according to Bhattacharya.

SV-Ex34 is representative of the Opioid Unit

The administration at Winnebago Industries envisions the possibility of bringing a downsized medical clinic to the customer who may not be able to get to one.

The idea is not just limited to mobile medical clinics. All too often, a rural patient must travel long distances to get a specialized test. For some, that is not feasible and Winnebago Industries has come up with solutions.

Already the idea has been put to use. A converted Winnebago View now serves as a mobile medical unit at a family health clinic in Kansas City. It is being used as the region’s first COVID-19 drive thru testing site. In Connecticut, Trinity Health of New England/St. Francis Hospital is using a converted 40 foot Winnebago as a mobile testing site. The Keady Family Practice in Claremont, New Hampshire is assisting patients who do not show symptoms of COVID-19.

Now the White House Coronavirus Task Force is partnering with the RV Industry Association to get twenty more of these units out and operational to combat the virus. Winnebago Industries and STAR will try to match this need as quickly as possible.






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