Garner Looks to Amend the Junk and Junk Vehicle Ordinance

The Garner City Council is discussing the possibility of amending an ordinance having to do with vehicles parked in yards and on properties. The council met in a work session on Tuesday night to review the current ordinance on the books to see if there should be a change or inclusions. Garner City Administrator Adam Koefed explains the discussion.

The city wants to maintain property values for neighbor properties and an overall neat appearance to the community. Keeping these things in check may require the issuance of a new ordinance.

Koefed stresses that this idea is just in it’s infancy, but would welcome suggestions from the public on either the content of the ordinance or the need for one. He recommends that anyone with ideas should either email him at or call the Garner City Hall at (641) 923-2358.


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