Forest City City Hall to Re-Open June 1st

After several weeks of closure, Forest City City Hall will be reopening to the public on June 1. Hours will resume at 8:00 am to 4:30pm weekdays. To keep staff and visitors safe, the following restrictions will be in place:
1. The public will be required to wear a mask covering nose and mouth upon entering city hall. There will be masks at City Hall available to the public.
2. To maintain social distancing standards, only 3 members of the public will be allowed inside City Hall at a time. The fourth person shall be asked to wait outside the building.
3. The employee that is working at the reception desk in city hall shall sanitize the counter after EACH citizen leaves the desk area. The receptionist will call the next person in line to the reception desk once it is sanitized.
4. The L Street doors to City Hall will remain locked. Public can enter through the Clark Street doors or the parking lot doors if needing to use the elevator. This will alleviate some of the area that will be required to be sanitized routinely.
5. Public restrooms will remain closed to the public.
6. The city asks that all visitors not enter City Hall if they are experiencing: a fever of 100 degrees or higher, chronic coughing or sneezing, shortness of breath or any other flu-like symptom.
7. The city continues to encourage residents to do as much business as possible online or through the drop box at the main entrance. For questions or concerns, call 641-585-3574.

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