Belmond-Klemme Schools Wrap Up the Year

Despite the area schools having to close their doors to in-class teaching, the Belmond-Klemme Community Schools have seen great success with their year, even during the online portion of the year. Superintendent Dan Frazier was pleased with the overall outcome.

The pandemic naturally caught many school districts across the state off guard. Many had stayed with the traditional in-class format of instruction. Some school districts in the area did not and the Belmond-Klemme Community School District had actually taken a few steps further into the non-traditional format of online education than most as Frazier explains.

The teaching staff then began a training process for the rest of the week on distance learning. Then the following Monday, the district was off and running. Students responding positively for the most part by returning assignments online and using online resources to complete their tasks.

One positive note to take away from the school year was that it gave the students a valuable experience in online education, because after graduation and entrance into the collegiate education levels, that style of education is becoming a standard learning tool.

Students are now returning laptops, hot spots, and all other educational materials that they had to bring home for coursework. while the year maybe ending for the students, the teachers are still hard at work. Four unused snow days will be used by the teachers to discuss outcomes and student progress. Then the teachers and administration will discuss other possible facets to the next school year brought on by possible issues with the pandemic or other factors.

Frazier stresses that all of these ideas are evolving and that no one solution has been arrived at. Regardless, Frazier, the faculty, and the school board will have to examine all of the variables to come up with the proper approach to the new school year and beyond.



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