Winnebago Campgrounds to Re-Open Friday

The Winnebago County Conservation Board has voted to reopen the campgrounds at Thorpe Park and Dahle Park, beginning Friday, May 15th, with the following restrictions:

1)   All camping units must be self-contained, with their own restroom facilities.

2)   Only odd-numbered sites will be available for camping. The open campsites, as well as the closed sites, will be marked accordingly.

3)   In accordance with state Covid rules, only 6 occupants per campsite will be allowed.

These restrictions will be enforced, will be reviewed periodically, and may be changed as conditions warrant.

As for other WCCB facilities, the Hogsback Shooting Range northwest of Lake Mills remains open, but all shooters are required to maintain the 6’ social distancing protocol. The Florence Trap Shooting Range west of Thompson will be closed until further notice. The Lake Catherine Cabin at Thorpe Park will be closed at least through Memorial Day. And, all geocaches on WCCB areas are still available for people to find, but it is recommended that all geocachers sanitize their hands before and after handling a geocache.

All other Winnebago County Conservation Board facilities will be closed to the public until further notice. This includes our office, shop, shelter houses, restrooms, and all playground equipment.

Despite many facilities being closed, all Winnebago County parks and wildlife areas are open and people are encouraged to get outdoors and enjoy some birdwatching, fishing, or a quiet walk.

The WCCB would like to remind people to  follow these rules while visiting our county parks:

1)   Observe all social distancing rules. Please keep a 6′ distance from others, and allow others to keep their distance, as well.

2)   Avoid touching common surfaces when possible.

3)   Avoid touching your face.

4)   Use hand sanitizer often.

If anyone has any questions about any of the changes that the WCCB has had to implement due to the Covid-19 outbreak, they can contact the WCCB at 641-565-3390.

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