North Iowa Re-Opens: Hair Designs is Waiting on the Governor

One of the biggest issues in the area with regards to the pandemic is obviously food. Another might be household supplies. However two of the most quiet, but pressing issues are hair and nails. Governor Kim Reynolds put a stop to hair and nail salon visits during her shutdown proclamations in March. This left some to come up with creative ways to cut hair. Do it yourself videos were popping up all over the internet. Even pop superstar Pink showed off her selfie haircut which she herself admitted wasn’t that great.

For hair stylists, there was no revenue stream because of the shutdown leaving some to have to resort to other avenues for revenue like part-time jobs. For Sue Benson, owner of Hair Designs in Forest City, it was a definite change.

Benson realized that she needed to find some sort of revenue stream in order to supplement where business revenue would normally be. So she became proactive.

Regardless, clients have been in contact with her and are ready to sign up for appointments, because the need never goes away.

Hair Designs is located at  236 E. J Street in Forest City.



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