Winnebago Board to Hold Closed Session on Public Safety Center

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9 am. The first item on the agenda has to do with budget amendments. With the current fiscal year coming to an end, the board needs to revise some expenditures through a proposed budget amendment. The board will hold a public hearing beginning at 9 am. Those want to participate in the hearing can do so by calling 641-591-6903, participant code: 149935. Those who just want to listen can go to www.winnebagocountyiowa.gov/streaming/ .

After the public hearing, all calls will be muted and the video stream will go silent and dark as the board enters into a closed session to discuss the next steps in the ongoing issue regarding construction problems at the Public Safety Center. When the facility was built, several construction issues developed such as doors that alarms say are open, but are actually closed and locked. The board and the county have been after John Hanson who was the construction consultant and Cresco Construction who was the original contractor to fix the ongoing issues.

After a discussion of the county COVID-19 policies and a look at secondary road matters, the board will consider approving a Utility Permit for Heartland Power to install overhead electric lines in Newton Township, Section 28. The board is expected to follow recommendations and approve the permit.

The board will then look into a second pay estimate to Larson Contracting for a clean out of drainage lines in Drainage Districts 21 and 68-136 Lateral 2. the estimate is for $5,235.75. Should the board decide to honor the estimate, they must first go through a final hearing where landowners along the route of the drainage will be allowed to speak on the quality of the work. That date will be set by the board today.

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