North Iowa Re-Opens: Just Doo It at Scoopy Doos

It is a popular hangout for students from Waldorf University and visitors to Forest City. There are regulars from the Forest City area and those who walk along Clark Street during the day and at night. Everyone knows where Scoopy Doos is located and they can tell you about the ice cream, the sandwiches, and the fun. Nobody could tell owner Julie Keeley what was about to happen back in March.

Fears from the pandemic were beginning to show. Traffic along Clark Street in Forest City did not improve. Businesses along the street that would normally draw traffic were closed. Some patrons from the courthouse or nearby offices would patronize her store. There were a few remaining Waldorf University students and those who were now working from home who would come in. Keeley could see there was a problem.

Normal traffic from such events as the WIT Rally and the Blue Stars Marching Band training camp were cancelled. Most every  summer event that Keeley could rely on were not going to take place.

She could also see that there was a need for safety for her employees as the virus began to spread.

Keeley applied for aid at all levels and did not receive any financial support from the federal or state governments. She sold her car and since her son was getting deployed, she thought she could drive his for a while.

Keeley and many other Forest City businesses realize the impact of what has happened. For some, there may be a return to some semblance of normal, but for Keeley, that may not happen this year.

Scoopy Doos is located at 105 N Clark St in Forest City. Orders can still be called in at (641) 585-3030.


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