Hancock County Amends 2020 DOT Secondary Roads Budget

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors on Monday amended the fiscal year 2020 Iowa DOT Secondary Roads budget, but according to county engineer Adam Clemons, the money was just a wash from the budget, moving from one line item to another.

Clemons also presented the board with an update on current road maintenance activities throughout the county.

In addition, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors held a teleconference Monday with Clemons and the Wright County Board of Supervisors to keep everyone informed of Hancock County’s intention to start the hiring process for a full-time engineer. Supervisor Gary Rayhons explains that the county would like to continue with the current part-time 28E Share Agreement until a suitable candidate is found.

All parties involved in the 28E Share Agreement agreed to the contract. Both Hancock County and Adam Clemons have 30 days to notify each party of their wish to discontinue the agreement, and Wright County has 90 days.


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