North Iowa High School to Hold a Drive-By Parade to Honor Seniors and Teachers

Area school districts are working hard to develop graduation ceremonies or at least a way to publicly honor the senior graduating class of 2020. North Iowa Community Schools may have found the answer. Superintendent Joe Erickson explained that his district has found a fun way to honor not just the seniors, but retiring staff as well.

The Saturday morning parade has a predetermined route that will accommodate residents and honored students and teachers. It will also cover part of Buffalo Center.

School districts across the area and the nation are feeling the effects of the pandemic shutdown. As a result several clever things have been designed to overcome the sense of non-closure to the year. North Iowa High School has found a way to honor those students and still make it a special day for everyone. Drivers will see a number of things in the parade according to Erickson.

Graduating seniors are not the only sight to see along the route. Teachers who are retiring this year will also have a place on the parade event.

Those who want to be in the parade and drive their car along the route should line up no later than 10:20 am. The drive-by parade begins at 10:30 am on Saturday morning on N Mill Street. It turns right on 6th Avenue NW over to 1st Street NE where it will turn right to honor the seniors. The parade will turn right again onto 3rd Avenue where it will pass by an area designated for retiring teachers. It will make its way to 1st Street NW where it will pass by the elementary students before making its first of two lefts onto 5th Avenue NW. From there it will go down a block and make a left onto 2nd Street NW where the High School and Middle School are located. It will pass by the district offices and turn right onto 3rd Avenue NW before coming to an end where it all began on N. Mill Road.






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