North Iowa Re-Opens: The Britt Bar and Grill Weathers the Pandemic Storm

On West Hancock Eagle game nights, you will often find the game streaming from KIOW’s sister station, KHAM’s video stream on the big screens. Eagles jerseys of great past players adorn the walls. The bar will be full, and the conversation lively. Even on nights when the Eagles don’t play, it is one of the best restaurants and bars in the city to be at. Almost everyone agrees that the Britt Bar and Grill is one of the places to go at night to have fun and enjoy good food. When Eric Cox took over ownership of the company, he wanted to bring back that strong restaurant tradition the business was known for.

He had the usual customers returning and he had new and returning customers begin to spill in to his place during the day and into the evening. His vision was becoming a reality.

Then the coronavirus began to threaten the way of life among everyone and Cox had to figure out where to go from here. He switched from dine-in service to carryout. He also had to close down the bar, but that didn’t stop the patrons.

The restaurant side of the business was staying good through the entire month and then came the news that restaurants could open at half capacity.

Cox was able to get financial assistance to keep an employee base during the pandemic. He was also able to get some employees back.

Now, he hopes more patrons will return to the restaurant and the bar. While some things in the dining area have changed such as distances between dining tables, the food and fun times have not. Cox thinks that people are ready to get out and experience life again.

The Britt Bar and Grill is open Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm and Friday and Saturday until 1:30 am. It is located at 130 Main Avenue in Britt.




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