Winnebago Board Moves Forward with Public Hearing Dates

Drainage issues were addressed in the Tuesday meeting of the Winnebago Board of Supervisors. Among these were a $1 million project and five different drainage district issues.

The board first addressed a project involving Drainage District 11 which is a main tile improvement. The current drainage amounts to a quarter inch of drainage or coefficient which will now be improved to a full inch. Residents in the district were given the chance to speak on the project during a recent public hearing. They were informed as to the benefits of increasing the drainage size and the associated costs to the district members.

The board awarded the contract to B & B Farm Drainage Inc at a cost of $1,091,361.95 which will be paid for by the district members. According to the engineer in charge of the project, Rick Hopper, the company is ready to get going on the massive job as soon as possible.

The board then turned their attention to several annexation and reclassification reports submitted by Hopper to the supervisors. The Winnebago County Drainage Clerk noticed some discrepancies in five districts due to recently discovered laterals that affected the amount of drainage. As such, the levies were inaccurate which prompted the department to call for a reclassification.

Hopper stated that when began the reclassification process, several parcels were not included in each of the districts which meant that there need to be annexation of those lands into the districts.

In the past, reclassifications went by fence line instead of the watershed line, but according to the Drainage Clerk and Rick Hopper, those have now been corrected in the new reclassification reports.

The board decided to hold public hearings for Drainage Districts 18, 29, 48, 84, and 102 beginning at 9:30 am on June 16th. These would include annexation report hearings and reclassification report hearings for each district. Landowners will be notified of the exact times by the Drainage Clerk in the Auditors Office. If there are any changes that landowners would like to make, a possible back up date would be June 30th beginning at 9:30 am. If COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, landowners will be able to participate by phone or online.



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