Hancock County Economic Development Looking for More Grant Applications

In cooperation with the Hancock County Foundation, Hancock County Economic Development is continuing to take grant applications from businesses within Hancock County. Jill Kramer, Executive Director for HCED, is encouraging businesses within the county to apply.

Money is available to Hancock County businesses that does not need to be paid back and can be used to meet payroll, begin the rehiring process, or meet expenses. Applications are easily found according to Kramer.

The grant can be up to $2,500 and the grant committee will try to make this a quick turnaround for the businesses so that they can have the money quickly to address pressing needs. Kramer stated that the applicants should have some necessary paperwork on hand to help in the application process.

Kramer noted that if they Profit and Loss Statement is not readily available, the applicant can send the quarterly tax statement for Iowa for 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. Regardless, the deadline is May 8th to apply.



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