Worth County Board to Consider Move to New Mental Health Region

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9 am to review a  number of issues before the county. The first of these has to do with secondary roads. The board will hear from Worth County Engineer Richard Brumm who will talk about the current state of the roads, grading of the secondary roads and any repairs or projects being done. The board will then review and award a contract for work to be done on a box culvert bridge.

Drainage will also be discussed today, and among the items is the acceptance of an engineers report on two drainage districts and adjoining laterals. Drainage District 46 Lateral 9 and Drainage District 13 Lateral 3 have been evaluated for repairs and cleanout which the board will then determine the next course of action after the report has been submitted and approved.

Lisa Kvam has submitted a petition request for repairs and cleanout of Drainage District 22 Laterals 10 and 10B. The board will review he petition and determine if an engineers report is necessary or if the work can begin on the ditches.

With the recent move by bordering counties to a new mental health region, Worth County Supervisor must now make a choice to follow or remain in County Social Services, a 20 county region serving mental patients and their families. Winnebago County has decided to leave County Social Services and join the Northwest Care Connections (NCC) region. The board will consider signing a 28E Sharing Agreement with NCC. If the agreement is signed, the board must then consider signing a Personnel Contract which designates the employment status of those working in the county mental health office.

Worth County has been a vocal supporter of changing mental health region affiliations after questions were raised about how the County Social Services region was spending county property tax money which had been levied by the region.

The board will hold a 9 am  public hearing allowing Worth County residents and employees to voice their opinion on the worth County Consolidated Urban Renewal Area Plan. If there are no substantial objections to the plan, the board will consider a resolution that approves the 2020 Amendment to the County Urban Renewal Plan.

Finally, after much deliberation, the board will act on the proposed I-35/Highway 105 Subdivision project. The board will consider a DNR and DOT Construction Permit application. They will slow consider a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions between the county and Diamond Jo Casino after they receive the property as a donation. Wunsch Construction has already been designated as the contractor in the project designed to create a business and possible residential area across the interstate form the casino.

Those who would be interested in attending can do so by going to Join Zoom Meeting at https://zoom.us/j/435128100   Meeting ID: 435 128 100.

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