Wright County Board to Review Loans and Projects

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to discuss a number of projects that are currently underway and to help small businesses in the county. The meeting will take place at 9 am Monday in the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion.

the first part of the agenda will feature a discussion between an engineering firm, a construction company, and the supervisors. The topic is the Agri-Business Park which is currently under construction. The hope is to have the park ready for use by the end of May. Concrete still needs to be laid in the park. Reilly Construction is currently working on the the road that accesses the park called Clay Avenue. The company has already put sewer and water lines in and dug out the retention pond and water runoff.

The board will also review and possibly approve a Promissory Note between the Wright County Economic Development Corporation and the Eagle Grove Economic Development Corporation. The note is for $25,000 and is a 0% interest  15 year note that will go to to the Eagle Grove group. They in turn will disburse the money out to Wright County small businesses that are in need of financial assistance.

Two general obligation Urban Renewal Loan Agreements will be addressed during the Monday meeting. The loans were for the purchasing of land for the Agri-Business Park and the construction of it. Those loans would have come due on July 1st. The county will extend the loans for an additional year pending approval by the supervisors.



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