HCED Opens Grant Application Process for the County’s Small Businesses

After federal and state aid arrived to help area businesses, most Hancock County small businesses found themselves without any additional aid. Hancock County Economic Development Executive Director Jill Kramer teamed up with the Hancock County Foundation to try and get small businesses much needed cash to stay open following the pandemic.

Downtown Britt has been affected by the pandemic shut down.

Some area businesses are looking for revenue to pay rent, purchase product for when they reopen, or pay employees when the doors open again.

The grant effort was made possible by a generous contribution by the Hancock County Foundation.  They were able to start the process with a $30,000 donation.

Downtown Kanawha

The Hancock County Foundation heard about the impact that COVID-19 was having on the Hancock County community, it wanted to step up and help according to Joe Sorenson, Vice President of the Hancock County Foundation.

Those Hancock County area businesses that are looking to apply can do so online according to Kramer.

The deadline for the application is going to be May 8th. Those with questions should call Jill Kramer at (641) 9921.








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