Area Poll Worker Shortage May Affect June Primary

As the calendar turns to May, there are still concerns over the pandemic which has swept the nation, shutdown businesses, and raised unemployment levels in the state. Now Governor Reynolds is opening the state back up again in certain regions, but one area of concern has to do with the polls on primary election day in June. A large number of residents are opting to vote by absentee ballot instead of the traditional polling place. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate has sent out application forms to receive an absentee ballot according to Winnebago County Auditor Karla Weiss.

Many residents have received those request forms and are filling them out, signing them, and sending them in to get an absentee ballot. This insures safety for both the voter and the poll workers. However, there are a select few who still want to vote in person and this is causing some concern for poll workers who may be susceptible or at least at an increased risk of contracting COVIID-19. Secretary of State Paul Pate wants to insure that this does not happen.

Poll workers are an essential part of the voting process. They have a tremendous responsibility to make sure the election goes smoothly and efficiently. For the uninitiated or first time poll worker, the world of the democratic process takes on a whole new meaning.

As such, Secretary Pate is calling on individuals who are 18 or older to come forward and participate as a poll worker.

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