SUNDAY TALK: Krochak On the Country Thunder Move To Labor Day

The pandemic has struck again. We don’t mean more local cases, but we do mean a rescheduling of the start of summer tradition in northern Iowa. Country Thunder Iowa made the decision on Thursday to move to September 5th – 7th in order to avoid issues with the current ban on public gatherings and to get more prepared for safety with concert patrons.

A concert event like this does not necessarily move easily. There is the scheduling of tech crews, security, vendors, permits, and one other thing, the concert acts. However the team was able to keep the same line up and get everything else in line for the change from June to September.

Gerry Krochak is a spokesman for Country Thunder Iowa. He took a moment to discuss the immensity of the changeover with KIOW/KHAM News Director A. J. Taylor in our Sunday Talk.


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