Michael Foods Food Giveaway Benefitted the Community

It has been over a week since traffic on the highway leading into Britt was unusually heavy. The road was not full of travelers, but it was full of families looking for bags of food from Michael Foods in Britt. The company was giving away free bags of groceries and according to Plant Manager Mike Butcher, the event was a success.

KIOW helped during the request show by spreading the word over the air during the food giveaway that led to a resurgence of cars and trucks picking up food.

After giving away close to 800 bags of groceries, Butcher said they had to begin to turn people away.

Butcher estimates that in the communities where Michael Foods operates, they gave away nearly 3 million pounds of food. When asked if the current pandemic climate played a role in this large giveaway, Butcher thought that might be part of it.

The other option would be to throw it away into landfills. Instead Michael Foods did not and nearly 800 families in the area had food to place on the table as a result of Michael Foods generosity.

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