Meet New North Iowa Activities Director, Meggon Jacobs

The North Iowa community school district has hired a new activities director. 

According to superintendent Joe Erickson the district has hired Meggon Jacobs to fulfill the role Erickson did along with his superintendent duties last year. 

Erickson says that Jacobs will also work with the alternative school students as well. 

Meggon Jacobs (née Anderson) is a 1997 graduate of North Iowa High School. She and her family moved back to the area in September after living in the Twin Cities area. 

In normal circumstances, Mrs. Jacobs wouldn’t have started her new role until the school year was completed, but due to the current global pandemic, she was asked to step in early 

Jacobs says she was involved in many activities while attending North Iowa 

Jacobs was looking forward to hosting track and field meets this, but the event hosting part of her new job will have to wait a few more months. 

Jacobs loves seeing all the friendly faces in an Iowa small town and says coaches, area activity directors, and community members have welcomed her with open arms. Plus living so close to family members and high school friends is an added bonus 

Jacobs is starting this new journey during an unprecedented time filled with adversity. Right now it’s hard to think of the positives, but for Jacobs, she isn’t the only area AD going through this for the first time, they (we) are all in this together. 

Jacobs, her husband, and their three daughters (six, three, and three) are about to move into their recently purchased farm near Buffalo Center. 


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