North Iowa Community Schools Develop the End of Year Academic Calendar

The North Iowa Community School District is moving forward with the academic year announcing plans for several activities and online coursework. On Friday, Governor Kim Reynolds announced that the school buildings will be closed for the rest of the academic year. This didn’t deter the district who quickly went to work developing a strategy to finish the year. Superintendent Joe Erickson worked directly with his administrators and staff on several levels to help students and teachers get the year completed.

PreK-8th grades are strongly encouraged to complete the work to continue their development, but it is voluntary. From now until the end of the semester on May 15th, grades 9-12 will need to complete the work and earn a passing grade to be given credits toward graduation. Teachers will provide content related to the standards in their curriculum.  The goal is to provide an estimated total of 2 hours of content for each student to complete daily.  Teachers will give feedback on work completed.

From May 18th to May 22nd , students may continue to complete assignments or resubmit prior work to improve.  No new assignments or content will be given.  Teachers will be available during their office hours.

There has been an outcry on social media of disappointed area students who may not see a graduation ceremony. North Iowa Schools are working towards scenarios where a ceremony would take place. That is not the only event that the district has rescheduled either.

Erickson has also gotten some contingency plans in case a traditional graduation cannot take place. The date will not be moved because of family are making plans specifically for that date, but Erickson says there are alternatives.

Erickson and the entire North Iowa Community School Board is very appreciative of the hard work done by the entire district in the wake of rapid changes from the pandemic. Organizing and implementing online programs is usually a long process, but the district was able to coordinate and execute everything very quickly thanks to a lot of help.




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