Area Food Banks and Nurses Help Those in Need During the Pandemic

Most everyone is abiding by the need to stay at home during the pandemic, however some have health conditions and are unable to get to the store. This scene is quietly playing out all over the United States, but in northern Iowa, there are those who are doing something about it.

The Neighborhood Food Bank is teaming up with Winnebago County Public Health nurses to make sure food gets to the right people. Bonnie Nyhus of the food bank explained that the idea solves two problems at once.

The idea of nurses taking food to patients that they see helps the elderly and those with health issues keeps these individuals out of harms way with regards to COVID-19. The program is only viable if the food banks are able to sustain themselves and that requires donations, preferably in the form of money instead of non-perishable food.

The food bank is looking good with several types of non-perishable items and these include the things that still remain in short supply such as toilet paper.

Nyhus reminds everyone that if they intend to donate money, the process is simple compared to donating food, where there are certain parameters the donors will have to go through to get the food to the Neighborhood Food Bank.

Again, the address to send money is Neighborhood Food Bank, Box 185, Forest City, IA 50436.


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