Kossuth County Dispatchers Recognized

Most of us have made “that” call. Something dreadful happens and you run to the nearest phone to dial 911. Within seconds you hear a calm, reassuring voice saying, “Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office. How can I help you?” Without hesitation, a dispatcher listens to the caller and determines the proper course of action, dispatching necessary emergency personnel to the scene or rendering life-saving assistance to someone in need.
During this National Public Safety Telecommunicators week (April 12 through 18, 2020), all of Kossuth County salutes our dispatchers working at the Kossuth County Law Enforcement Center for a job well done.
Kossuth County Emergency Management Coordinator, Dave Penton said our dispatchers are unsung heroes and their work is endless. “They are vital link between the community and law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies. A dispatcher looks up license plates, driver license numbers, and finds the needed information for agencies that work to keep our communities safe.”
Kossuth County dispatchers are highly trained in with radio protocols, policies, procedures, and more. The work of dispatchers often going unnoticed. “They sacrifice weekends, holidays, family gatherings, and events to ensure that the radios, phones, and emergency lines are staffed 24/7,” said Penton.
Penton said these men and women rarely get the thanks that they deserve for constantly deal with stressful calls. “To our Kossuth County Public Safety Dispatchers, thank you for what you do. You are our vital link to Kossuth County law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments.”


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