Michael Foods To Give Away 720 Bags of Food

Michael Foods will be giving away 720 bags of food to Hancock County residents on a first come first serve basis. Michael Butcher, Britt Plant Manager for Michael Foods stated that the company tries to give back to the community whenever possible.

Michael Foods will hold the giveaway at it’s facility located at 1260 U. S. Highway 18 in Britt. The giveaway is for any Hancock County resident and will consist of 2.2 pounds of whole egg with citric, two dozen eggs, 1.2 pounds of egg whites, diced potatoes, shredded potatoes, a 1.6 pound bag of russet based mash potatoes, and a 1.6 pound bag of red skin based mash potatoes.

The giveaway event will be Monday from Noon to 5 pm. If the 720 bags are gone before 5 pm, the event will end. Those wanting to pick up the food should begin lining up around Noon.

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