Area Funerals are Impacted By COVID-19

It is a time of remembrance, reflection, and celebration of life, yet the current pandemic has put a damper on these social moments. Funerals have now become a private family matter with only a limited number of individuals able to together together an comfort one another.

Funeral homes in the area have had to become creative in ways to allow groups of individuals to gather and salute the passing of a friend or relative. Once such way is the gathering in a parking lot of a local high school by cars. No doors or windows may be opened. Each individual or family in the car must always in the car, but still show support.

Tony Andrews of Andrews Funeral Home in Belmond knows that these limitations on gatherings can put undue stress on a family wanting friends and relatives to gather and remember the passing of their loved one.

Area funeral homes have a number of options available to family members when it comes to having the funeral. Some can choose to wait or have it within a few days.

Some of the unique ways in which a funeral can be held include the gathering of mourners inside cars in a parking lot or even live streaming the funeral online so that possible attendees to the funeral can participate without violating social gathering standards. Most would use Facebook Live or You Tube to stream the funeral.

Andrews recommends that end of life planning be done with key members of the family. This way, pandemic or not, everyone can participate, grieve, or celebrate the life of their special person.




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