Area Unemployed Due to the Pandemic Have Avenues to New Jobs

The employment outlook in the area may seem a little troublesome with small business getting hit the hardest, but local employees who have been laid off or have lost their jobs altogether have options according to Michael Witt of IowaWORKS. The organization links prospective employees with available jobs throughout Iowa and does it online.

Some may wish to stay at the job they have currently, but may be laid off due to the pandemic. According to Witt, the website can address temporary job needs as well.

At, the website provides opportunities for prospective employees to not only find work, but to brush up their resume for presentation to possible employers. This can be a great asset when looking for the right job, either temporary or permanent.

According to Witt, there are several temporary positions in the area that are available for those looking to supplement their income while the pandemic continues. He encourages those looking for work to try and locate a job that will fill the gap until they are brought back to their original job.





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