COVID-19 Stimulus Money Should Be Used Carefully

When area residents begin receiving their stimulus money, they begin to think about different ways they can use it, or blow it in some cases. In this time of pending economic crisis, having that money can be very important to some and a life save to others, that according to Shallon Weis of the Bradford Financial Group in Garner and Clarion.

For some, this will be an added check to the income already coming in. Weis has advice for those too.

Then there is a third option, the idea of paying it forward and helping someone who may need it.

For those who are concerned about beefing up their Emergency Fund or at the very least starting one, Weis offers a series of goals as far as amounts to be achieved.

The stock market may seem scary to invest in but Weis believes there will be a turnaround soon and if you can afford it, part of that stimulus check could go towards getting into the market.




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