Blood Donations Are Up According to LifeServe Blood Centers

North Iowans are stepping up and helping out when it comes to donating blood. During the pandemic and the recommendations by state officials to stay home, area residents are coming forward to help out and ensure a healthy blood supply is available according to Claire Deroin of the LifeServe Blood Center.

Blood drives are still going on throughout the area. The purpose is to save time and gas for those who would normally have to travel to the Mason City Office. Because of the extenuating circumstances, LifeServe officials are asking everyone to make an appointment.

It is not possible for anyone to contract COVID-19 through a blood transfusion. LifeServe personnel continually work to maintain high sanitary standards at all blood drive locations.

Those who may be concerned about employees or social distancing can see that there have been steps taken to comply with those recommendations.








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