Area Residents Show an Outpouring of Support for a COVID-19 Victim’s Family

In Iowa it is almost a custom to waive as you pass by someone you know, even honk a horn. In Buffalo Center, they took it one step further. A victim of COVID-19 has family that lives in Buffalo Center. The family is not effected by the virus, but friends and neighbors wanted the family to know they are thinking of them. In a Facebook post, organizers decided to have a friendly drive by of the family residence. That Facebook post exploded online and at 7:30 pm on Tuesday night at the Bison football stadium, fans of the family were coming from everywhere.

Some said they were from Forest City, others from Lake Mills. There were people from Thompson, Emmons, and Woden. In all, it was estimated between 150 to 250 cars arrived at the stadium ready for the drive by. Buffalo Center saw a traffic jam of cars down 1st Street that extended from the stadium all the way south to Highway 9.

An outpouring of support arrives at Bison Stadium.

Some cars had signs of encouragement on their front or back bumpers. Many were wearing Green Bay Packer attire or had decked out the car with it.

Cars pack the stadium complex parking lot adorned with signs and Green Bay Packer gear.

Just after 8 pm, the caravan moved out, first passing and honking to those gathered outside the Timely Mission Nursing Home, then traveling north to a gravel road. Along the route, drones were flying above catching the moment on video.

The caravan makes its way down the gravel road.

The family watched as the endless caravan passed by with well wishers, horns honking, and shouts of support from passers by. The traffic was so heavy that at one point, cars encircled the entire route to the family home and back to Buffalo Center.

The final round of cars left Bison Stadium just before 8:30 pm. Emergency personnel from the Buffalo Center Fire and Ambulance Departments both escorted and formed the end of the caravan while Winnebago County Sheriff’s Officers directed traffic.

The message was clear. “You are not alone. We are in this together.”


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