Parents Should Keep a Close Eye on Children’s Habits During the Pandemic

Now that students are home from school and parents might well be too, parents should keep a close eye on what children are doing in their room or in the yard according to the Winnebago County Task Force. Children now do not have the same freedoms afforded to them both before and after school due to social distancing. These include things like, smoking, vaping, and drug use.

Taylor Brown of the Winnebago County Task Force describes what parents may have to look for.

When parents were young, one of the best ways to detect for smoking was the odor left in clothing. In the case of vaping, parents may not be able to detect it by simply smelling the clothes of the child.

Parents need to be proactive in making sure that their child or children are not vaping because of some of the ingredients used. THC has been linked to several lung diseases and vapers can even use illegal drugs in the vaping devices that can lead to health disorders or even death.

Brown suggests talking to their child or children. This means taking the right approach.

While parents may feel nervous about the conversation, more often than not, the talk produces results.

Each child and teenager is different, but the best advice is to be non-confrontational.




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